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Sable antelope – one of the jewels of the African species. With its proud appearance and elegantly shaped horns one cannot resist investing in this unique specie for future generations to appreciate and conserve.

The core of our females originates from Unyati, Misty Creek and Exotic Game Breeders. Some of the heifers are covered by Koos, a 50 inch pure Matetse bull from Misty Creek.

The rest of the bulls originate from Dries Visser and Piet Warren, including Rambo, a well-known Western Zambian bull from Dries Visser.

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Scientific Name Hippotragus niger
Country of Origin Zambesi, Western Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe
General Build *Large, dark to black coloured antelope
*Long upright mane along the back
*Calves are light red-brown and cows range from light brown to dark chestnut-brown or brown-black
*Back and saddle of young bulls are chestnut-brown, but turn black with age
Distinct characteristics *White face with a black blaze from the forehead to the nose
*Pure white belly and hind buttocks
Rowland Ward
SCI Minimum
41 7/8 “ SCI 96
Weight *Bull: 200-250kg
*Cow: 180-220kg
Length at the shoulder *Bull: 130-140cm
*Cow: 115-130cm
Longevity *Bull: 17 years
*Cow: 13-15 years
Sexual maturity *Bull: 2.7 years
*Cow: 2 years
Pregnancy Period 8 months
Calving interval 12 months
Calves Wean 8 months
Gender Ratio 1 Bull for 1.8 Cows
Mating Ratio 1 Bull for 3 Cows
Re-establishment: Smallest viable Population Size 3 Bulls for 7 Cows
Trophy *Horns up to 1.6m long and carried by both sexes
*Horns of cows are 40% shorter than those of bulls and do not reach trophy quality
*Horns grow vertically for first third of the length, then turn backwards to form a long curve of 85-110°
*Heavily grooved for 85% of the length

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