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Although Nyalas are more common and easy to breed with, we believe the same breeding principles should apply when producing supreme animals. Therefor we do not only breed with above-average breeding bulls, but also quality selected ewes.

Our top breeding bull Nzuri (meaning ‘Beautiful’ in Zwahili) has a perfect set of Bell Shaped symmetrical horns of 32 inches.

The core of our ewes was acquired from LBG Holdings and Pinda, home to the beautiful large red nyala ewes.

[Scientific info]


Scientific Name Tragelaphus angasii
Country of Origin
General Build *Medium sized antelope, build similar to bushbuck and face of a kudu
*Nyala bull has an apron of exceptionally long hair
*Pelage colour varies from light chestnut to chocolate-brown, darkening with age to a dark greyish-black
*10-14 vertical, parallel, white stripes on the flanks
Distinct characteristics *Horizontal white marking on the muzzle just below the eyes
*White chin, two white dots on the cheeks, and white patch on the lower throat
Rowland Ward
SCI Minimum
27” SCI 63
Weight *Bulls: 92 – 126kg
*Ewes: 82 – 106kg
Length at the shoulder *Bulls: 104-121cm
*Ewes: 122-135cm
Longevity *Bulls: 11 years
*Ewes: 8 years
Sexual maturity *Bulls: 18 – 20months
*Ewes: 12 – 24 months
Pregnancy Period 220 – 230 days
Calving interval 9 – 10 months
Calves Wean 6 – 7 months
Gender Ratio 1 Bull for 1.2-1.8 Ewes
Mating Ratio 1 Bull for 2 – 4 Ewes
Re-establishment: Smallest viable Population Size 3 Bulls for 3 Ewes
Trophy *Only adult bulls have well developed horns
*Lyre-shaped with two full spirals, smooth
*Distinctive white tips 6-8cm long
*Horn buds appear after 6 months, reach 20cm at 15 months
*First spiral is complete at two years
*Rowland Ward minimum trophy quality is reached after five years
*Occasionally ewes are found with rudimentary, malformed
horns. These ewes are referred to as red bulls, as they grow
significantly larger than normal ewes.


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