Livingstone Eland

Thithombo Game Breeders selected approximately 40 of the top Livingstone cows and heifers among 2 different large herds of 80 to 100 animals. By utilizing our top breeding bulls we believe we can produce outstanding animals for the growing market.

The first herd of 20 cows and heifers were selected during 2012 from a herd of 86 animals which were acquired from Nets Turvey. This herd originated from the Harold family from Thabazimbi and others bought on an auction.

The second herd was acquired during 2014 from Pymat (Pieter Prinsloo), who selected this herd of 20 cows and heifers over a period of 4 years out of 100 animals.

Our first Breeding bull Meneer, was a magnificent animal, who unfortunately died during 2013. Fortunately his genes will continue to live on through his heifers, bull calves and his Son Magiel which we also bought in 2012 when he was 2 and a half years old.

We also acquired a further variety of top genes from Burkea Wild (Sollie Potgieter), Piet Potgieter and Johan Eloff.

We strive towards breeding top animals with supreme genes.

[Scientific info]



Scientific Name Tragelaphus oryx livingstonii  
Country of Origin Angola, Zambia, southern Zaire, northern Zimbabwe, northern Mozambique, Malawi
General Build *Large ox-like animal
*Forequarters larger & heavier than hind, resulting in larger front feet.
*Large dewlap from throat of adult bulls
Distinct characteristics 6-7 vertical white stripes, 9-12mm wide on the flanks
Rowland Ward
SCI Minimum
35” SCI 77
Weight *Bulls: 650-910kg
*Cows: 400-600kg
Length at the shoulder *Bulls: 170cm
*Cows: 150cm
Longevity *Bulls: 18-24 years
*Cows: 15-18 years
Sexual maturity *Bulls: 15-18 months
*Cows 1.8-2.5 years
Pregnancy Period 271-279 days
Calving interval 10-12 months
Calves Wean 5-6 months
Gender Ratio 1 Bull for 1.5 Cows
Mating Ratio 1 Bull for 8-12 Cows
Re-establishment: Smallest viable Population Size 3 Bulls for 7 Cows
Trophy *10mm above coat at birth
*Both Sexes carry slightly diverging, straight horns that
are smooth and lie in a flat triangle when viewed in cross section
*Keel-like ridge on anterior and posterior edges that turn like the thread of a screw towards the tip
*Cow’s horns are longer and thinner than those of males
Rowland Ward minimum trophy quality reached after 3.5years for cows and 10years for bulls.


Game Breeding Facilities

“The quality of our facilities are in relation to the value of these precious animals”