African Buffalo

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Skukuza, Holyfield, Shawu and Kwando (half brother of “Jamba” sold during 2014 at Unyati Auction). The young bulls have enormous potential and we are excited to see how they will develop in the future.

Skukuza, from Dries Visser, drew our attention with his unique classic buffalo characteristics which speaks for itself (SCI 131).

We select cows and heifers with specific attributes that will complement and become part of a unique buffalo herd, combining East African and Kruger lines.

Amongst others, our herd originates from Unyati and Wintershoek.

[Scientific info]


Scientific Name Syncerus Caffer
Country of Origin Southern Tanzanie down to the Cape, including Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Angola
General Build *Ox-like animal with thick legs *Heavier front than hind quarters *Thick neck and massive bosses
Distinct characteristics *Member of the Big Five *Most dangerous of all African game species, especially if wounded or solitary
Rowland WardSCI Minimum Minimum 42” SCI Minimum 101
Weight *Bull: 650 – 850kg *Cow: 520 – 636kg
Length at the shoulder *Bull: 145 – 165cm *Cow: 135 – 155cm
Longevity *Bull: 24 years *Cow: 20 years
Sexual maturity *Bull: 2.5 – 3 years *Cow: 3 – 3.5 years
Pregnancy Period 11 months
Calving interval 20- 26 months
Calves Wean 5 – 7 months
Gender Ratio 1 Bull for 1.8 – 2.4 Cows
Mating Ratio 1 Bull for 15-20 Cows
Re-establishment: Smallest viable Population Size 3 Bulls for 8 Cows
Trophy *Both sexes bear well-developed horns, although horns of the bulls are thicker and heavier and have larger bosses than cows *The boss is formed of a thickened frontal bone covered by a keratin layer *The bosses of cows remain separate, but the bosses of bulls increase in size and fuse at 7-8 years age, reaching thickness of up to 25cm *The horns grow diagonally in a straight line for 2.5 years after which they begin to curve upwards *At 5 years it begins to descent in a curve down the side of the head *The minimum Rowland Ward trophy status is reached after 8 years

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