Game Breeding

“Superior and Top Quality Genes”

Thithombo Game Breeders started out as a new venture in 2012 with the vision of establishing a self-sustainable Game Breeding Farm, producing quality animals through a combination of diverse quality gene pools and thereby preserving these magnificent species for generations to come.

The growth has been beyond our expectation and although mistakes were made during this short period, valuable lessons have been learned. We always attempt to apply the knowledge in order to secure more successful results.

It is indeed a unique industry where fellow Game Breeders and role players are willing to share their knowledge and experience without compensation. Therefor we would like to thank each and every one contributing towards the humble success of Thithombo Game Breeders thus far.

We are specializing in the following species (Click species image for more information on the specie):

African Buffalo – Skukuza
Livingstone Eland – Meneer
Sable – Rambo
Golden Oryx
Nyala – Nzuri
Bush Buck
Golden Gnu  Roan  Black Impala