Golden Gnu

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Our Golden Gnu bulls breeds with golden heifers, as well as F2 and F3 splits, which has been successful in producing golden calves.

[Scientific info]

Scientific Name Connochaetes taurinus
Country of Origin
General Build *Large Antelope with heavier front, than hind quarters
*Body is a Golden/Yellow Colour, giving rise to the name “Golden” Gnu
*”Gnu” refers to the bulking sound of the animal
Distinct characteristics (Not a subspecies, but a colour variant of the Southern Blue Wildebeest)
Weight *Bull: 210 – 260kg
*Cow: 170 – 200kg
Length at the shoulder *Bull: 130 – 150cm
*Cow: 122 – 135cm
Longevity *Bull: 16 years
*Cow: 18 years
Sexual maturity *Bull: 36 months
*Cow: 18 – 27 months
Pregnancy Period 255 days
Calving interval 10 – 18 months
Calves Wean 8 months
Gender Ratio 1 Bull for 1.2 Cows
Mating Ratio 1 Bull for 2-3 Cows
Re-establishment: Smallest viable Population Size 3 Bulls for 8 Cows
Trophy *Both sexes bear well
developed, smooth horns that grow from thickened bosses on the head
*They extend horizontally, side-ways and slightly downwards and then
turn in an upwards curve towards the ends, with the tips projected
almost vertical.
*The horns of cows are thinner, lighter in colour and have smaller bosses than that of the bulls.
*Horn development is relative rapid and trophy status can be reached after 3 years.

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