Black Impala

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Black Impala Rams (23”+) were acquired from Unyati and are breeding with black ewes, as well as F2 and F3 splits, which have produced beautiful black lambs with the splits.

[Scientific info]


Scientific Name Aepyceros Melampus
Country of Origin South-Africa, Zimbabwe, East Central Africa
General Build *Medium-sized, lightly built antelope
*Coat is shiny, uniform black/brown on the back and around
the neck, passing through on the flanks and outer leg surfaces
Distinct characteristics (Not subspecies, but a colour variant of the Impala)
Rowland Ward
SCI Minimum
23 5/8 “ SCI 53
Weight *Ram: 48 – 65kg
*Ewe: 38 – 52kg
Length at the shoulder *Rams: 85-95cm
*Ewes: 80-88cm
Longevity Both 10-12 years
Sexual maturity *Rams: 16 months
*Ewes: 13 months
Pregnancy Period 6.5 months
Calving interval 12 – 16 months
Calves Wean 3 months
Gender Ratio 1 Ram for 1.1 Ewes
Mating Ratio 1 Ram for 3 Ewes
Re-establishment: Smallest viable Population Size 5 Rams for 12 Ewes
Trophy *Lyrate-shaped, over 50cm long
*Coarsely grooved for 75% of the length
*Number of grooves relates to animal’s age
*Rowland Ward trophy status is reached after five years

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